Wash & Care

How to Care for your Oxys 

To start, remove the insole from inside the shoe. With the insole removed, begin cleaning procedure. 

 Wash the outsole first. Once done, begin washing the upper material under running water while gently rubbing dirt away. Keep shoe upside down at all times during the cleaning proccess, and do not submerge the whole shoe under water so as to avid staining the outsole. Please do not machine wash, as well. The shoe might not retain its shape after machine washing. Do not use a brush or any abrasives on upper material.

To keep your Oxys' vibrant color, do not use bleach or strong detergent.
Instead, apply mild soap (white or clear in color) on dirty area only.

Never tumble/machine dry. The harshness and heat of drying in a tumble dryer can cause the shoe to warp and break down bonding agents and adhesives.

Drip dry your Oxys upside down under a shade.

It is normal for microfiber to bleed excess dye on the first few washes. 
Do not be alarmed. This will not result in the fading of the color.

Disclaimer: Oxy Originals will not be liable for any damage that may occur during improper washing of your Oxy Originals shoes.

Size Guide


6 39 5
7 40 6
8 41 7
9 42 8
10 43 9
11 44 10
12 45 11
13 46 12
5 35 3
6 36 4
7 37 5
8 38 6
9 39 7
10 40 8